Oquirrh Salad 13

Whole Leaf Lettuce, Garden Sprouts, Buckwheat, Toasted Sunflower Seed Vinaigrette

House Made Yogurt Parfait 9

Local Fruit, Granola, Honey

Buckwheat Pancakes 15

3X Stack, Seasonal Fruit, Whipped Cream, Maple Syrup

*Bread Pudding French-Toast With Cashews and Herbs

Sweet: Seasonal Fruit Compote, Honey, Maple Syrup 15

Savory: Red Eye Sausage Gravy, Mushrooms, Cheese Curds 19

*Eggs Benedict

Classic: Ham, Arugula Hollandaise, Hashbrown 16

Soft Shell Crab: Cornmeal Fried, Arugula, Tarragon, Hashbrown 21

*Scramble or Omelette 15

Market Vegetables, Cheese, Hashbrown

*Add Meat 4

*Sub Tofu 3

Hangover Pasta 25

House Made Spaghetti, English Banger Sausage, Poached Egg, Parmesan, House Hot Sauce

*Oquirrh Burger 21

Alpine Cheese, Foie Gras Aioli, Yeti’s Bacon Onion Jam, Brioche, Hashbrown

*Add Fried Egg 3

*Eggs: Anyway 6

*Add Protein: Ham, Bacon, Banger Sausage, Gravy 7

*Foie Gras Aioli 5

Hashbrown 4

Toast: Sourdough, English Muffin, Brioche 5

Yogurt 4

Seasonal Fruit 5

*Consuming Raw, Undercooked, Meats, Poultry, Seafood, Shellfish or Eggs May Increase the Risk of Food-Bourne Illness